December 17, 2014
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The corpuls3 offers an entirely new and revolutionary design concept compared with traditional compact  defibrillator/monitoring devices.

It is designed as a complete modular system and can be split into:
  • Monitoring unit
  • Patient box
  • Defibrillator/Pacer unit

This means unrivalled ergonomics, functionality and flexibility.

Wireless communication
The unique wireless network-technology allows operation of the components independently as if they were physically connected

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  • Modular system offers maximum mobility and improved ergonomics
    and flexibility
  • Maximum mobility with a simple user interface enables fast diagnosis
  • Uninterruptible monitoring from the EMS site into the hospital
  • Large 8.4” colour display with individually configurable display views
  • Masimo® Rainbow® SET technology for enhanced diagnostics
  • Ingenious energy management for reliable operation
  • Tested mounting solutions for every scenario available

Monitoring Unit

The detachable Monitoring unit guarantees easy handling
and provides a sophisticated solution at all times.

  • Integrated GSM interfaces for data transmission
  • Jog-dial, softkeys and function keys for untuitive, fast and immediate access and operation
  • Large colour display (8,4”) with individually configurable display views and 12 lead diagnostic ECG preview

Patient Box

The Patient box is the “heart” of the system and enables uninterruptible monitoring from the EMS site into the hospital.

  • Simultaneous 12 lead diagnostic ECG with optional measuring and interpretation software
  • Innovative Masimo® Rainbow® SET technology for measurement of SpCO, SpHb, SpMet, SpO2 and PI
  • CompactFlash drive® for Data storage and transfer of recorded mission data

Defibrillator/Pacer unit

corPatch therapy master cable enables usage either with shock paddles, internal paddles or therapy electrodes

  • Enhanced therapy options with smartMetronome guidance during CPR
  • Greater mobility and flexibility due to weight reduction if the defibrillator is not needed
  • Pacing: fix, demand and overdrive pacing with rampdown mode


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