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December 18, 2014
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The importance of a positive and calm physiological attitude of the patients has, been recognized and the key to success for rescue and transport. Consequently the devices he is involved with have to shed some of their mechanical properties
to become a patient friendly device; a partner rather than just an instrument to be used in the moment of need

Here in Spencer designing and manufacturing rescue and transport devices is our specialty, but when designing the new Crossover we gave special attention also to the relationship between patient and stretcher, patient and rescuer and last but not least between rescuer and stretcher.

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Our goal was the manufacture a product with ergonomic characteristics even when presented with the most complicated physical or environmental scenario. The secret behind Crossover is the Space Frame. This frame made from stainless steel and aluminum tubes specially welded has contributed to making it a truly innovative structure: Innovative not only in its shape but also in its functions where the intrinsic technological aspects make use of space normally not taken into consideration. Great attention has been paid also to the aesthetics and the harmony of the outline which is discrete without passing unobserved.

A special aspect of the Crossover is the larger diameter of both front and rear legs governed by the Twist system that now supports the functioning also of the front wheels in the same it does with the rear ones.

Equipped with the new side-bar called Safe Bar, the Crossover stretcher is supplied with two STX702 belts and mattress QMX777.

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Length 1970 mm
Length when reduced 1650 ± 20 mm
Width 570 mm
Weight 45 kg
Load capacity 250 kg
Front Wheels Ø 200 with Twist
Rear Wheels Ø 200 mm pivoting with brake
Loading height da 480 a 750 mm
Reclining side bars Yes
Side bar length 680 mm
Side bar height 200 mm
Frame Steel
Lying floor Polyethylene
Trendelenburg Yes
Adjustable backrest Yes