December 17, 2014
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MERILED Surgical Lights


Better comfort and performance in the operating room

New improved MeriLED for surgical procedures

Light plays an essential role in the operating room. Not only has the light a crucial effect on working ergonomics in general, in surgical procedures high-quality light is required to create as reliable visual information as possible of the area being operated on.

To meet the requirements of today’s operating theatres, Merivaara offers a range of LED lights that help surgeons New improved MeriLED for surgical procedures perform the most challenging tasks. The new MeriLED is available in two different sizes, MeriLED L5 (160 klux) and MeriLED L3 (130 klux), suitable for different types of surgical procedures.

MeriLED is available in ceiling mounted models, in solo, duo and trio systems, and with HD camera and LCD monitors as optional features.

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MeriLED for better comfort and performance in the operating room

  • High-quality white light with a colour rendering index of 94 Ra
  • Special light function for endoscopic procedures and double selection of the colour temperature
  • The field lit can be extended without affecting the light intensity
  • Low power consumption and long lifetime
  • Available with HD camera, remote control and monitor holding arms as optional features
  • Better comfort

    LED technology provides infraredfree light which minimises the heat on the operated area and prevents the operated tissue from drying out thus providing better comfort for both the patient and the surgical team. LED lights can also easily be dimmed when lower light levels are required. Moreover, being smaller than halogen bulbs, LED reduces the overall weight of the lamp.

  • Longer Lifetime

    LED lights are extremely durable and reliable the effective lifetime of the LED used in MeriLED being more than 50,000 hours. Depending on the frequency of usage, the lamp could therefore last up to ten years, that is, 50 times longer than a traditional halogen light without the need of replacing the bulbs.

  • Sustainable Solution

    LED is a sustainable solution requiring less power consumption thus reducing both costs and the negative impact on the environment.  Additionally, a LED lamp doesn’t require bulbs to be
    frequently replaced.

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