December 17, 2014
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For examination and minor surgery

ATRIA2 is a LED examination light for diagnostics, minor surgery and universal applications. It can be used for intensive care, in recovery rooms, for first aid and in the cosmetic an dental field. The ATRIA2 completes the Tekno-Medical range of ATRIA lamps.

The ATRIA2 offers all advantages ofthe LED technology and can easily be used for many applications. It offers:
  • excellent light intensity
  • IR free light
  • color temperature of 4.900°K
  • color rendering index of 95
  • high life span
  • low power consumption
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The latest technological level combined with high energetic LEDs result in an outstanding light performance and a constantly high light quality during the entire working life of the ATRIA2. The ATRIA2 achieves an intensity of 65.000 Lux at a power consumption of 22W. The LED layout produces a comfortable light field and a homogeneous shadow free light.

The round shape allows quick and easy movements. ATRIA2 is therefore perfectly suitable for diagnostics, the dental field and the work in laboratories. The handle is removable and sterilizable, which makes ATRIA2 also suitable for the use in the OR.

All functions oft he ATRIA2 can be easily regulated by the central control panel.
  • ON/OFF
  • Light intensity adjustement
  • Selection of single parts (SEL)
  • Boost function

The new SEL function allows the specific selection of single light parts and the activation of the desired LEDs according to the current needs. The boost function increases the light intensity for another 10%. The function is automatically deactivated after five minutes.

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