December 17, 2014
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PRACTICO Electro-Mechanical Operating Table


Modularity for a wide variety of surgical procedures

Electro-mechanical operating table

Practico, the mobile, electro-mechanical operating table represents convenient design and maximum flexibility for general surgery. The flexible and modular table setup with its wide range of posture possibilities offers comfort and operational efficiency for the whole surgical team. Therefore it is also a popular choice for day surgery clinics, where patient flow is crucial.

For advanced procedures, Practico can be delivered with factory assembled 300 mm sliding mechanism, Beach Chair back section or Kidney Bridge seat/back section. With the comprehensive selection of accessories the table can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different surgical procedures.

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Practico Features:

  • Practico is a modular operating table for general surgery. With factory assembled seat sections or separate attachments the table is also suitable for most surgical specialities
  • Safe working load SWL 225 kg
  • Max. lifting capacity 380 kg
  • Practico includes automatic 0-position
  • Removable, lightweight table-top sections with a quick release latching
  • Battery operated table with integrated charger/transformer, optional main power use
  • Back-up control provides additional safety in emergency situations
  • Optimal working height for smaller surgeons and surgeries where the surgeon is sitting

Excellent ergonomics for both the surgical team and the patient

  • The modular construction and wide range of accessories enable fast and easy set-up for different surgical procedures
  • Lightweight table top sections with quick release offer improved ergonomics for the surgical staff
  • The convenient design of the base together with the sliding function guarantees unlimited access for the surgeon to the patient
  • Patented Beach Chair back section is extremely easy and lightweight to use and offers better comfort for the patient in semi-seated position
  • Comfortable and soft, moulded IS-mattress, 65 mm or visco-elastic memory foam (VEF) 80 mm mattress
  • Modern and stylish design
  • X-ray translucent table top sections

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